L’Action Sports

Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

L’Action was established in 1978 as the manufacturer for major sportswear companies worldwide. In recent years, we have diversified our product portfolio and positioned to serve different apparel sectors. We offer proven expertise across menswear, womenswear and sportswear. This ensures that we meet your specific requirements with expert knowledge in your sector.


L’Action’s heritage is one of excellence and innovation for more than three decades. From the very beginning, our company has been recognised for superior product quality and excellence of service. We initially established our factory in Taiwan and expanded to Cambodia to accommodate our customers’ need. Today we are also known for our ability to respond with agility to a modern fast paced market.


L’Action upholds an inherent set of principles that protect your brand and drive commercial success. Our commitment to quality, innovation and response encompass a creative approach to garment advances. Our agile supply chain is customized to adapt your requirements and provides a competitive pricing structure for your brand. We also recognize our social responsibility and has been actively participating in the local community.



  • Trend spotting and provide creative concepts.
  • Offer product proposals.
  • Designed to your technical specification.
  • Garment sampling.
  • Global sourcing and supply capabilities.


  • Fabric development to your technical brief.
  • Global sourcing on fabric to your desire.
  • Global logistics management.


  • Market research and analysis.
  • Strategic support in new business development.
  • Global sourcing and manufacturing capabilities.


  • Forward capacity planning enables us to adapt production to your circumstances quickly and efficiently. Whether you seek a specific fabric or trim or you need a complete design and manufacturing solution, we are positioned up to deliver the bespoke service that best fits your requirements.
  • Our merchandising and procurement teams operate at the leading edge of the global apparel industry to achieve best values as well as flexible, quality controlled delivery. We drill down into your product specifications, using industry expertise to cross cost and negotiate on your behalf.


  • A global network that adapts to your requirements.
  • Pre-release auditing to meet your specified standards.
  • Load and space optimisation for reduced costs.
  • On-site customs clearance plus shipment tracking.
  • Weekly updates on transit progress.
  • Intelligent problem solving to drive efficiency.


  • Comprehensive quality control from prototyping to shipping.
  • A network of wholly owned and contracted factories.
  • Intelligent logistics for cost and time efficiency.